How Your Wash Hoses are Made

Hose Assemblies stack coloured with cuffs

Whenever you need a replacement hose for washdown in your factory, there’s many places you could look, and many details you could go into before deciding on the best hose to get.

But you may be tight for time, or unsure of the correct hose to use? Right?

OK… Help is here!

First, Here’s some fun facts for you….

141,953 Metres
of Hose were shipped by QJS to our customers in the last 12 months

That would span more than 170 times the height of the tallest building in the world!

10,198 Hose Ends

Assembled by QJS in the last 12 months (we counted!)

7,468 Orders 

shipped by QJS in the last 12 months


…So you can be sure we have experience in assembling hoses!


Maybe you’ve got a factory Audit tomorrow?

It happens…  Hygiene and Technical teams often have a lot to do prior to an audit. That’s why we will assemble your required hose and deliver it to you NEXT DAY!

Your hose is assembled just for you, by our team in the UK.


Here’s how we make your wash hoses:




    1. We take note of your requirements
    2. Your hose assembly is then designed by our team to suit your needs
    3. The QJS Production team start work on building your hose!
    4. Our Production team cut the your required hose to length
    5. Hose cuffs or bend restrictors are fitted to the hose if required
    6. Hose ends are swaged on with one of our swage presses
    7. Hose ends are date stamped for traceability
    8. Swaged hose ends are tested for quality and dimensions
    9. Hose cuffs are then sealed onto the hose
    10. Your hose is neatly coiled on our unique coiler
    11. Your assembled hose is tied up,
    12. Your hose is carefully package in a box
    13. We then make the packaging safe and easy for you to handle
    14. Your hose is delivered to you NEXT DAY!

Got questions? Following delivery, the QJS team are always available to help you get your washdown products working smoothly, and to your satisfaction.
Just call our team on +44 (0) 1522 703703!

QJS also stock Hoses which can save you money!

How would you like to reduce your monthly hose costs?
Within the QJS Range we have hoses which last 3 or 4 times as long as conventional hoses, therefore saving you money over time.
We call this cost-in-use.

We’d rather save you money than sell you more hoses!

Check out some examples of our Long Life premium hoses and some testimonials:

Like to try our Hose Assembly Service?

1. The only figure you need is the pressure rating!

Not sure how to find this? You can find this by either:

a) Looking for writing on your current hoses

b) Looking at the pressure output stated on your rinse pump (if your factory uses one) - OR - If you don’t have a rinse pump powering your hose, then it will most likely be mains pressure (low pressure) hose that you need.

Typical Wash Hose Pressure Ratings

  • High Pressure Hose                         > 40 bar
  • Medium Pressure Hose                     10-40 bar
  • Low Pressure Hose                          < 10 bar
(If your factory needs food transfer hose, we can also supply different kinds of this for transferring water, drinks or dairy products – but we’ll say more about food hose later on!)


2. Call QJS to help find your solution!

Our Customer Services Team are great at solving problems related to factory hygiene.

Just call us our team on +44 (0) 1522 703703

Call us
 today for help with your factory hygiene problems on +44 (0) 1522 703703 or email