Why you should be colour coding your cleaning equipment 


Here’s 4 simple ways colour coded hygiene equipment can help you:


1)     You can Reduce Cross Contamination. Colour coding equipment specific to their zone is important for food safety, so equipment is kept in the areas specific for it’s use.  BRC Section 4.11.6 States: ‘Cleaning equipment shall be suitably identified for intended use (colour coded or labelled)’


2)     It helps you Gain Compliance. As stated above, colour coding is specified by BRC, and also there’s many Supermarket Auditors who recommend zone colour coding equipment in order to reduce cross contamination. For example, Tesco States: 

"A colour coded system must be in place to identify and segregate cleaning equipment between tasks and across High, Medium and Base areas. The colours used across the site must be distinct (e.g. the same colour must not be used for High area and non-High area floors.)" - (TFMS Section 22.6.2)  

Colour coding is a simple but effective step along the way to compliance, particularly in high-risk & high care areas.

3)     Save your tools going missing! Colour coding your equipment according to the team that it belongs to helps keep hold of your washdown equipment for longer, and find it if it gets taken for a walk!


4)     Save selecting the wrong tool for your job. Colour coding equipment such as nozzles means you don’t select the wrong nozzle for the job you’re doing, making it less efficient and taking more time.


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