Introducing our NEW Ultra Tough and Long Lasting Wash Gun

The new stronghold 2500 wash gun is out now - ultra tough, and right ready for food industry use!

Below are the top 3 reasons this wash gun is so long lasting, and through using tougher equipment such as this, you can save your hygiene team money over time.

3 reasons why this wash gun is so long lasting:

  • Super Tough Outlet Shroud is almost indestructible, and designed to last through the rigours of food industry use, saving you money over time.

  • Tougher & longer lasting trigger guard is far more impact resistant than equivalents.

  • Nickel Plated internals mean a higher resistance to chemical than other equivalent guns, making it last far longer, saving you money over time.

Plus, it has a pull-release coupling for increased food safety and reduced downtime, and it’s hygienically designed.

This gun also reduces RSI and other operator strain issues. Read more about why this reduces RSI here.  

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