NEW Adjustable Angle Spearhead Vario Nozzle!

The newly launched Spearhead Vario Nozzle is out now! This is a water saving adjustable angle nozzle designed to save labour, save water and help to reduce the loss of traditional nozzles.
NEW Spearhead Vario Nozzle

The benefits of the Spearhead Vario Nozzle are as follows:

  • Saves Water – Spearhead’s Vario Nozzle uses water more accurately, therefore greatly reducing water usage.
  • Saves Labour – Reduce downtime and clean faster by removing the need to change nozzles during shifts
  • Reduces foreign body risks – less nozzles needed, reducing the risk of loose nozzles falling into process machinery from pockets or hands

The Spearhead Vario Nozzle is extremely heavy duty compared to equivalent adjustable angle nozzles due to its 100% stainless steel construction.

Technical Spec:

Spray angle:  0°-80° fan - see it here
Inlet Connection: 4ST Quick Release plug
Max Pressure:  40 bar
Flow rate:  22 l/min @20bar
Product Code:  0342

Introductory OFFER:

Grab a 50% discount TODAY on your first Spearhead Vario Nozzle! PLUS you can get it for FREE if you submit this feedback form within 28 days. This is just a short piece of feedback plus a small video/picture of your NEW Spearhead Vario Nozzle in use.

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*To take up the 50% offer, just click the link above or contact us to claim your discounted nozzle. To qualify for the FREE nozzle, the customer MUST take up the 50% discount offer AND submit the feedback within 28 days from date of order. An invoice will be raised as normal, at the discounted price. If the feedback is received within this time frame, QJS will simply credit your account so you get it free. Limited to 1 item per customer. In completing the feedback form, the customer consents to use of their comments, image or video in QJS literature relating to this product. Customer’s name will not be used without consent.