Food transfer hoses, otherwise known as food hoses come in a range of different types with the brand which we supply (being Q-flex) as we believe that these food grade hoses are the best on the market with the best structure, properties and effectiveness when working within the food and beverage industry. All types of food transfer hoses are useful to transfer both food and beverage products efficiently in a hygienic environment for range of different food products. This includes hoses for drinks and foodstuffs such as fruit juice, oils, fats, whey, water, liquid egg, beer, wine, water, milk and dairy products. For each and every need that a client may need when it comes down to the purchase of a food transfer hose, we have an amazing choice of options dependant on their product specifications and needs. Some for example may work within an environment which is prone to big machinery or other items which may crush a regular hose and this is why we supply the option of an anti-crush hose which is also food grade! Many other types can be found within this category, so with the top quality products right here, you cant go wrong.