When cleaning in a food processing environment which is solely based around an food manufacturing area, it is always important to be properly protected with the correct, high standard waterproof protective clothing or a chemical resistant suit. This is because, when working in these types of places, it is often a task that you will have to come into contact with chemicals which if, by accident, in direct contact with the skin, can cause damage and irritation. This is why our protective suits and clothing line is to the highest safety standards possible as we believe it is one of the main factors which should be looked at when working within these environments. The chemical resistant washdown suits which we provide give maximum protection as well as being comfortable and tough clothing for cleaning with. Included in the range are garments such as bib and braces, jackets, smocks, gloves, aprons and other chemical protection products.

Extra Large Blue Bib & Brace With Knee Pockets And Chest Pocket - Washguard 170

Code: 7224A
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