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Customer Services Helpline

Probably the most important service our customers want is to speak to a real live customer services adviser!

Our friendly, helpful and reliable team ensure your enquiry will be dealt with efficiently to give you a hassle free solution. You can call us on +44 (0) 1522 703703, FREE on +44 (0) 800 085 6329 or e-mail us at sales@qjs.co.uk.

  PIMMS 'Plan to Prevent'

Our on-site washdown equipment management service gives our customers peace of mind and a hassle free service. You focus on your high priority production while we keep your washdown equipment in excellent condition. Call us for a quotation or more information!

Hose Assembly Service

QJS hose assembly service includes assembly, certification, hose identification and dating with careful coiling & packing which means assurance for our customers.

Hose identification and date markings mean that our customers can closely monitor hose life and make improvements to save money and time. All food transfer hoses are hygienically swaged. Read more about our hose assembly service and how it works.

Equipment Rental Scheme

Please ask for more on this budget friendly scheme. Use professional equipment without the need to go through the time consuming CAPEX!

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